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"XL Thunder was very fortunate to host Accelerate Youth for a series of workshops. The level of knowledge and positive approach shown by Mr. Macomber and Arlene Smith was incredible. Our kids were fully engaged and interactive. Each player took something away from their experience and still continue to use phrases and tips learned during the workshop. In times like these, we need organizations like Accelerate Youth to help guide the minds of our young people. Excellent experience all the way around."     

 ~ Abiola Davids, XL Thunder Director

~"Content and Philosophy were great!"

~"So much of what you said rang true and affirmed what we are teaching him at home so thank you for that!

~"I love the message - working on the whole person.!

~"Gave me tools to get better..."

~"Great concepts!

~"Good job making people think and use their brain...

~"Really appreciate the cognitive-behavioral conditioning part - powerful stuff, it has helped me a lot...

~"Very good and relatable material...

Anonymous post-program Feedback

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