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The Mission and More

Our Strategy

We create workshops, classes, service opportunities, and events that...

ELEVATE confidence about the future while reducing anxious feelings

SHOW youth that being human is a magnificent possibility

ENGAGE youth in enriching experiences that are helpful and fun 

SUPPORT youth to create healthy connections with positive peer groups

EQUIP youth with knowledge and tools that support growth, progress, and well-being

ACCELERATE learning using processes that heighten clarity of thought, perception, and discernment

PROVIDE ongoing, progressive, and comprehensive leadership and personal development 

IMPACT communities through service projects and by enhancing local leadership

Our Mission:

To accelerate individual, community, and global progress by rapidly advancing personal empowerment and leadership education.

Our Impact:

We empower individuals to become the best human beings they can be: Socially connected; strong physically; healthy and resilient emotionally; wise intellectually; and personally responsible. Strong effective leadership is a natural outcome when people embody these qualities. 

Our Unique Format:

Our weekly seminars and workshops are typically an hour-long making them brief, potent, and powerful over time. Most other programs are expensive and intensive, lasting all day but for just a few days.  Our format is brief but regular allowing for deep learning, retention,  and time for relationship building. This promotes powerful lasting change. 

Our Respect:

We reinforce common values while honoring unique cultures, individual differences, and personal preferences. Every person, every culture, brings something to the world we can learn from. We strive to dignify the humanity in all people.  

Accessibility: Our programs are of tremendous value so we charge accordingly. However,  finances will not be a barrier to participation. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Our Vision 

People will live in harmony with each other and with earth.

People will enjoy a robust sense of capability.

Integrity and authenticity in leadership will be the standard. 

Confidence in our future will grow.

Civic engagement will increase significantly.​

Healthier living will reduce medical costs.

People will be less dependent on governments or charities to meet essential needs.

All people will appreciate the privilege being human truly is. 

Other useful Information

  • Our selection of topics flow from what 30 years of work and dedicated study suggests is most helpful   

  • Most of the information, tools, and exercises we offer are not broadly known, but their effectiveness has been proven repeatedly across cultures

  • We carefully craft our language, points of emphasis, and style to be relatable and accessible to the age group we are working with

  • We incorporate lessons from essential fields of knowledge such as success psychology, mental health, education, as well as the physical sciences.

  • Most people understand a principle but struggle to implement it. We offer support to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

  • The benefits of participation come from the content but largely from the richness of a supportive friendly atmosphere shared with others.

  • Most workshops are offered as part of a series but can also be attended individually.

  • Each opportunity offers discussion, stories, and activities ensuring engagement and fun.

  • We emphasize experiential activity (75%) over lecture (25%) to aid learning and retention.

  • There are multiple options for registering including a season pass (best value).

  • Our programs are constantly being refined. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed.

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