Mission & Philosophy

Why Accelerate Youth?

AY was initiated to address a major gap in what we see as essential educational experiences. Most people never realize being human is an almost ‘supernatural’ possibility – with virtually no limit to the amazing ways we can learn, love, grow and create. Many have demonstrated this, and modern science is showing the incredible responsiveness of our bodily systems to how we manage them. Plus we are endowed with the powers of choice and creativity which are essentially limitless. Therefore our potential for good – our power to make the world how we want it to be – how it needs to be - is tremendous but barely recognized and rarely exercised. Dominant culture and the education systems most utilized are serving to accomplish quite the opposite. People are feeling powerless – many over their own lives, most over the course of humanity’s future.  Accelerate Youth represents an awareness of the truth: we can gain mastery over ourselves toward beautiful ends, and the world is ours to shape. It is not too late. It is not too much. It is time to wake up to what it really means to be human. It is time to learn and grow and strive together so our children might experience the full glorious magnificence of life!

Our  Mission

To provide powerful, enjoyable and essential educational opportunities to accelerate individual, community and global success.

Our Vision 

People empowered to shape themselves and the world into the most noble expressions of life imaginable. All life will be  thriving in it's glorious beauty!

Expected Outcomes

Confidence in a healthy and robust future  will grow.

People will become more capable of meeting their own essential needs.

Integrity and authenticity in leadership with  be more valued.

Diverse paths and expressions of "success" in life will be recognized and honored.

Communities will show increased commitment to environmental causes.​

What  Our Accelerators Do

We show  youth that being  human is a magnificent possibility for everyone.

We engage  youth in educational experiences that are fun, useful, and powerful.  

We support youth to create healthy connections with positive peer groups.

We equip  youth with knowledge and tools  that support growth, progress, and well-being. 

We accelerate growth using processes that heighten clarity of thought, perception, and discernment.

We offer ongoing, progressive, and comprehensive leadership and personal development opportunities,

We Welcome and Respect

All Religions, Races, Sexual Orientations and other expressions of creation's diversity as long as they do not support or promote violence. ​

We Accelerate Community Progress

By developing skillful, inspiring, and visionary leaders who initiate social-impact projects that demonstrate the human capacity to overcome modern challenges, we ignite the fire of realization, wisdom and understanding. ​

We Accelerate Global Transformation

Global change has to start somewhere, so we start here.  We initiate , co-lead and support  the projects of others that transform culture by achieving big goals thereby redefining what people recognize as possible. This fulfills our intent to infuse society with hope, confidence, and a renewed sense of possibility for the future.​​​

We Value Collaboration over Competition

We organized as a low-profit company so we don't compete for non-profit dollars and grants. We  collaborate to honor and support the noble efforts of others.

We Operate Fearlessly!

We strive to be wise and strategic in our efforts which is why we also shoot for the stars! Many well-intentioned organizations target achievable and measurable goals as grantmakers demand. This has its merits, but this can stunt progress. We can't be afraid to fail! We must set our sites on generating the changes that are truly needed. Accelerate Youth places special emphasis on projects that are at once very ambitious but also possible and sustainable - even if it takes us 50 years to accomplish them.  This approach, along with those whose focus is more short term, will  forge the path to a beautiful and exciting future.  

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Providing powerful, enjoyable and essential educational opportunities to accelerate individual, community and global success.