Our COVID-19 Response

There is so much uncertainty about what will transpire  we have pledged to be nimble and responsive to the needs of people and communties. 

** We are offering our Accelerators  free for youth who have a parent that lost their job due to Covid-19 

(up to 30% of our capacity for every 10 spots in a given Accelerator, we pledge to offer free to these youth.)

For everyone else we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaruntee and sometimes a pay by choice option!

We accelerated our launch date from September 1 to June 15th. Time to rest the tendency to perfect and polished when people need to be engaged in constructive and hope generating activites as soon as possble.

** We are scanning the world for the best resources: our new Resources Page should be out soon! 

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Our Racism-Free Pledge

We will never know the full love of humanity and the wonderous beauties possible on earth as long as racism is prevelant in any signifivcant way. Progress has been made but clearly our society and the world have a long way to go.


On behalf of Accelerate Youth, as it's founder, I pledge to weedout all expressions of racism first within me (in case I have failed to recognize it which I sincerely try to and am vigilent about), and within our organization as we launch our programs and begin to grow.


It is our sincere hope that the opportunities we will be offering equip developing leaders with the clarity, committment, and intergrity necessary to address major problems like racism while forging major cultural changes so we can all truly feel positive about ourselves and the future - indeed, this is fundementally Accelerate Youth's mission.


We do not support the use of violence even if the cause is a good one. We emulate  the examples set by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. 

If you have any feedback as to how we can improve, please email: accelerateyouth207@gmail.com