Team-Up 2 Clean-Up Challenge 

10 Reasons To Participate

You are an awesome person who...

1) Cares about our environment enough to be involved!

2) Wants to protect our rivers and oceans!

3) Wants York County to be pristine and admired by all!

4) Recognizes the power of collective action to create beauty.

5) Enjoys healthy outdoor activities with friends and family

6) Can resist negative inirtia (couch potato-itis)

7) Wants to make a statement to the world about what's possible!

8) Wants to Save Animals from the choking/strangulation hazards

9) Refuses to accept any aspect of our world as beyond hope

10) Rocks the world with simple acts of profound significance

11) Has community Service Hours that need to be done

1) Team up with friends, neighbors, family & pick a street near you. Plan a couple hours one day and get out there and make it pristine!

2) Sponsor a participant to help cover the expense such as bags, fuel, water, cover promotional materials, signage,  etc... ask for more info.


3) Be a driver (drive along side those cleaning to help assure safety)

4) Form a Dream Team: Small crews that specialize in difficult to access garbage and larger items that have been abandoned and need pick up. Ask us for details - truck or trailer recommended.

5) Belong to a club or organization? Coach a team? Inspire others to get involved! Ask us how, or invite us to speak to your group.

6) Great with social media or websites? Be our social media mogul or our webmaster to leverage the power of these tools for maximum impact!

7) Are you a student, principle or teacher? Plan a class field trip or service learning expedition.

8) Volunteer to post signage, or stand at busy intersections with promotional signs.

9) Hand out flyers anywhere.

10) Your ideas go here !!!!