AY's Full Response To Covid 19

There is so much uncertainty about what will transpire  we have pledged to be nimble and responsive to the needs of people and communties.

** We are offering our core Accelerators  free for youth who have a parent that lost their job due to Covid-19

(up to 30% of our capacity for every 10 spots in a given Accelerator, we pledge to offer 3 to these youth.)

For everyone else we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaruntee!

We accelerated our launch date from September 1 to June 15th. Time to rest the tendency to perfect and polished when people need to be engaged in constructive and hope generating activites as soon as possble

  **We published this temporary website to expedite outreach and connection with those who are looking for support and opportunity.

** We are scanning the world for the best resources: our new Resources Page should be out soon! In the mean time be sure to check out the Portland Press Heralds Resource Page - it is excellent. 

Following the lead of Isha Foundation, we too find it important to make ourselves better on a day to day basis in every aspect of our lives - physically, emotionally, psychologically, in our work duties, and in our relationships with others. We strive to improve in each of these areas by at least 10% over the next month, and we encourage everyone else to do so too. This effort to will help us be at our best in response to these times.  

**We are actively seeking connection with youth, parents, organizations and community influencers who need support or want to collaborate to help people thrive during these times.


Please contact us to collaborate, if you need volunteers, or if you seek fun and powerful experiences in leadership, resiliency, or personal development for success. We are also offering a program for athletes hit hard by social distancing requirements.