Genesis Impact Projects: 

A Genesis Impact-projects, when conceived and selected, are deemed important enough to make a life-time committment toward having that change become a part of every day cultural.


 but flexible enough to sustain societal changes over the course of time. They achieve this status becasue they key in on fundamental unchanging needs, and they are not chosen because of their acheivability. creates the  becomes embraced and ingrained in everyday culture. It loses it's identtity as a program or as an event, and it simply becomes the way things are done. 

 Once embraced as

"This is just what we do because we do what needs to be done" our social-impact projects have transformed culture making what were once "programs" cultural mainstays and therefore


This is the type of action that is needed - action that takes a local approach to set a beatiful example to everyone.

Everlasting Impact Projects:  Definition... 

A project that makes so much sense it becomes embraced and ingrained in everyday culture.