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Leadership Evolutions 
Our Hallmark Programs


Foundations of Personal Empowerment 

Sessions 1-3  On Being Human: Sometimes scary, often confusing, always amazing!

This inspirational series sets the stage for the entire program.  It answers big questions while revealing game-changing facts about us as humans. Add some modern science, a little ancient wisdom, and some buffalo chicken wings and BAM! What you have is a reason to be excited! A path forward to your best life! We already have the keys to success but which doors to open?! This is truly a fun "don't miss" experience for anyone who wants to accelerate their success. 

Session 4: PP 101 Unlocking your mental powers. 

Hint: Mind is not short for MIND FIELD! Think fertile productive garden to get the good dirt. 

Session 5: PS 101 - Don't eat your broccoli! The magical powers of food revieled!

This seminar exposes the profound effect of our food choices, and how our mindset affects our food!  Don't worry, you can still eat your broccoli and enjoy it too!  Delicious snack provided! 

Session 6: SP 101Friends friends the musical fruit, the more you have, the more you...? 

Okay know friends can stink sometimes. But, they also make life joyful and are a key to success! So here's how to make them and keep them! 


Session 7: P 101 - Bringing it all together: Dare to dream! 

Sorry. It is true and there is no way around it. A great life requires effort but the effort is what sweetens the reward! 

Session 8:

Session 9: 



Phase 2 builds on the foundation and begins to introduce mentoring, leadership, and service as effective vehicles for evolution. Enrollment Dates TBD

Phase 3 is all about application and real-world experience through leadership roles and internship opportunities on projects designed for significant impact.  Enrollment Dates TBD

To Learn More About Phase 1

If you haven't visited our About AY page, please do.  It offers valuable perspectives on our programs.


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