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Arlene Smith Salvati

Advisor and Presenter

We are so proud to have Arlene contribute to Accelerate Youth! She has a tremendous history you can read about here, and she continues to make history as we speak with her contributions to Accelerate Youth.


Since graduating from high school, Arlene attended college earning BS, MS and 6 Year degrees in Health, Physical Education, Counseling and Administration and Supervision.


Upon graduation, she was employed by Cheshire Public Schools teaching health and physical education; writing and developing curriculum and initiating and coaching several sports. She has thirty-three years of coaching experience at Cheshire High School. Her field hockey teams qualified for the state tournament every year since the tournament was initiated. Her overall record is 4198861 This record includes nineteen league championships; fourteen state championship appearances, eight state championships and a national ranking of 8in the country based on overall record.


In 2009, Arlene was inducted into the Cheshire Hall of Fame, in 2006 was selected to the National High School Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame and in 2003 was inducted into the National Field Hockey Coaches Hall of Fame. Arlene has been recognized for her outstanding work with student athletes by receiving the National Coach of the Year award in 1998, the District 1 Coach of the Year three different times 197819881998 being inducted into the Connecticut High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1994, and by also being inducted into the New Agenda: North East Women's Hall of Fame in 1990. Arlene has given of her time and energy to improve the status of field hockey In Connecticut. Arlene had a vision very early in her career of how to increase the visibility and popularity of the sport. She initiated and organized All League Player selection within the Housatonic League in 1970, implemented All State Player selection within Connecticut in 1978, started indoor hockey programs, conducted four field hockey tours to Europe, developed and initiated the Top Ten Coaches Poll in 1985, developed the High School All American Team selection criteria in 1985 and served as the CT Regional Representative for the USFHA - Penn Monto All American Team selection. In addition, Arlene was the Chairperson of the USFHA National Coaches Committee from 1985 - 1987 and served as the CIAC Field Hockey Tournament Co-director for twenty years.


While at Cheshire High School, she initiated and coached not only field hockey, but gymnastics, softball, men's and women's lacrosse. She has also coached tennis. Her cumulative coaching record is 73320465


From working with collegiate student/athletes at various colleges and universities through the Field Hockey Olympic Developmental Program, Arlene has written and published a handbook to assist student-athletes in the college selection process. This process has placed students in the college of their choice. Over one hundred Cheshire field hockey players were placed in colleges and universities across the country and more than 2.5 million dollars awarded in scholarship money to these Cheshire athletes.


Arlene sought a change in her leadership role and pursued the opportunity to work at Hamden High School as an Assistant Principal. In this capacity she served as the Principal of the Whitney House and had the opportunity to work closely with teachers from all content areas to help them continue their growth as professionals. While at Hamden she developed student leadership and mentor programs. She wrote a Class Advisors! Handbook. She also developed and conducted SCC Conference Student Leadership Seminars.


In 2012, Arlene moved from Madison, CT to Kennebunk, Maine. In Maine, she is involved with community committees; the Festival and Downtown Committees, and now Accelerate Youth. She enjoys buying and selling antiques throughout the Northeast and is a member of group shop in Arundel, Maine. Another passion is traveling to various countries throughout the world, experiencing various cultures and meeting people from varied backgrounds. Among the countries visited were Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France and Italy. A favorite was going to cooking school in Italy.


Throughout her many endeavors since leaving her youth behind, she believes that her focus is grounded in the ethical imperatives of justice, respect, and beneficence. She celebrates life, valuing the good and kindness in others.

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