Our Vision

All life thriving in it's glorious beauty!


People are empowered to shape themselves as they want to be and to create harmony among each other and with mother nature.


The future feels secure, safe and full of possibility.

Our  Mission

To provide powerful cost-effective educational experiences

to accelerate individual, community and global success.


To inspire and support long term cultural changes in society that support our vision. 


Intentional Outcomes

People will know their immense value as human beings.


Confidence in the world's future will grow.


People will be living in harmony with each other and mother nature.

Accelerating  Community Progress Through Effective Leadership

by developing skillful, inspiring, and visionary leaders that are able to see situations with clarity and act to do what is needed with respolve and commitment. 

Accelerating Global Transformation

People act as if there is no point to doing what is right unless everyone does the same thing, so why bother - and they don't do it! Global change has to start somewhere and then it can grow. Peer influence happens at all levels of society. Our strategy is to initiate, co-lead and contribute to projects that transform culture by achieving big goals that serve to redefine what people recognize as possible. Our intention is to create new-norms. This process, the process of accomplishing what people once believed improbable, infuses society with hope, confidence, and a renewed sense of possibility for the future - vital qualities that support ongoing success.​​

We Offer our Accelerators to Individuals, Groups, and Organizations

to enhance their ability to inspire and lead while igniting volunteerism, breeding optimism, and creating meaningful change that creates hope

We Work Fearlessly For Our Future!

We strive to be sensitive, wise, and strategic in our efforts AND we shoot for the stars! Most well-intentioned organizations, and especially politicians, set small goals they can achieve within a year or two. This has its merits but can stunt progress. For some  reason people think if they don't hit their goal exactly then some how they failed. Our philosophy is - if we hit our goal, then we didn't set our goal big enough! We are not concerned with public perception of what is possible in the next few years. We are concerned with what needs to happen even it takes 1000 years. If it needs to happen then we should start now and do what we can to the effort.